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Monday, 13 January 2014

PHOTOS: Sarah Ofili Releases Bikini Photos From Her 2014 Calender

The international model and former girlfriend of Ikechuckwu has done something no Nigerian public figure has done- she just completed her  2014 calender which is more or less a slide show of her smoking body. I bet most people wont get this calender just to look at numbers

 See the pics below...

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  1. Wow, she is absolutely stunning.

  2. If she's a model or into fashion. Then I don't see anything wrong with this calender. It's well planned.

  3. What does she do again? No hating just asking, nice body tho

  4. Choi! see what Ikechukwu gave up!

    1. How do you mean ? There is much more to a Woman than the looks. Does she have a funtional Brain, an enduring Spirit, a praying Tongue ? There is so much more ! Always look beyond the physical ! Strength of Character, Values, Morals, etc...., works for me !

  5. thank you jare. im sure its a guy that posted that comment. smh

  6. I don't understand who buys calendar. This one na corporate prostitution

  7. lmfaoooo. I concur ! Who the hell is she by the way ! A Celebs ex-girlfriend ? And so ?


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