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Monday, 6 January 2014

PHOTO: Is This Love At First Sight?

I saw this hilarious piece online and thought to share it with you. Here it goes:

"I was in a public transport yesterday with a brother and was surprised to see a couple who expressed their love at first sight. The surprise wasn't really in the fact that both were only little kids but because they never knew each other until yesterday. They communicated surreptitiously right behind their mothers' back; enjoying the oblivion of both grown-up women. The girl was the first to attract the attention of the "dulling" boy but sonner than later, he requitted the girl's feelings with a touch on her shoulder. Hence, I went all paparazzi on dem kids! I could only get 2 adorable shots to avoid suspicion (and maybe slaps) from their mothers. Wheew... Peeps, I hope you loved them!! Enjoy." 

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  1. Love at first sight .. nice post I loved it..

  2. They were just playing jare. The "photographer really get time. Mschew


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