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Thursday, 2 January 2014

PHOTO: D'banj Grabs A Lady's Butt On Stage

While performing at the 2014 countdown event organised by the Lagos State Government, D'Banj grabbed the butt of a lady dancing on stage. The incident shocked many at the show, especially when some have thought that a public figure like D'Banj should not contribute to moral decadence, but find a way to preach against such act. Talking about "role models". Was this entertainment of abuse of power?

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  1. As the girl dey wiggle the thing for him front e no fit bear am again naim e catch am! Poor D'Banj! The temptation was too much to resist!

  2. He is only feeling the texture of the pant she is putting on......he is under the influence of alcohol

  3. He's got some xplanation to give sis. Genny

  4. The last picture of this "role model" we saw was him simulating sex on top of a woman on stage now this "butt-grabbing" one! What "model" is he "rolling"? Very BADT role model!

  5. na wa o! Men n yansh...smh


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