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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Kcee Places A $1000 Bounty To Track Down Social Media Impostor

Limpopo singer, KCee has placed a bounty of $1000 on an impostor who has been using his name to defrauding his unsuspecting fans on social media platforms. He distanced himself from the fraudster - has been using a parody Facebook and Instagram accounts to dupe people - and said he’s willing to throw the said amount on whoever can provide useful information that will lead to the arrest of the impostor. 

Read Kcee's Tweet below...

"There’s a guy with a fake Instagram account @offiallkcee, it’s not me, don’t be jonzed and I am not asking anyone for money please." "This is the number of the scammer 08187299188, please, anybody with any useful information concerning this mobile number, $1,000 will be rewarded," KCee wrote through his authentic twitter account, @Iam_KCee.

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  1. omo some dead or alive ish

  2. $1000 is too small bruv..atleast $3000.

  3. the guy is not a terrorist not. what does kcee want with the guy

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