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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

I Slept In A Gate Man's House - Sean Tizzle Shares His Own Grass To Grace Story

Sho le crooner had an interview with HipHopworldMagazine where he talked about the trying times, going to church, heartbreak, success, his album and more.

Starting music

I used to be in a band, 2B1; 2 brothers and a friend I used to be a rapper but I switched to singing when I found my voice. Got my first deal in 2009 then moved to working with Dtunes and we are here 

How rough was it?
I started from the bottom. I think it is just the path I had to go through to get to the top even at the top we dey go through things.

Notable experience while on the rise
Back then, one show I went to with D’tunes at Oniru and I submitted my c.d and there were like alot of CDs while we waited to no avial. Time to go home we couldn’t go because we had no money and the person we followed wasn’t ready to go. We ended up sleeping at the gateman’s house of another friend’s house.

How did you feel when ‘sho le’ started to popoff?
It felt good and it still feels good. I can’t even explain the feeling.

Tell us about your debut album
Its due in March/ April of 2014, has features I can’t reveal now but its an awesome body of work. I’m also working with this kid Prince Boom..bad producer, we have like 7 songs already while i was in the UK.

Artiste have this love for jewellery. Why?
Me personally, I am a very fashionable dude and I like gold. Right now I am wearing ‘Esus neckpiece, Michael Kors watch and a Versace gold earrings I got in malaysia.

You just got a car last week, tell us about that
Somebody praise the Lord. Only God the thanks goes to. Its a 2014 RS V8 Chevy Camaro

What’s your experience like performing live?
I like live o, allows you do all sorts…from stretching the song to freestyles and extras. Going live is what I call entertainment

Marriage Plans?
NO!! not now, I just started my career. I am not ready. I am currently single
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Loke Loke! I’m looking forward to taking the Sean Tizzle brand to a higher level

Heartbreak, love and girlfriends
Na me dey break hearts, I be Taio Cruz.

Usually when I see the signs I run. A man must fall in love, though he might not never fall in love again till you marry. But I was in love for 7 years but now my heart is strong. I am emotional when I’m on a relationship though. When I’m in, I’m fully in

Do you still have time to go to church?
Ah I don’t miss church o ( starts singing a gospel tune) I attend church as regularly as i can

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  1. everybody all of a sudden has a grass to grace story. mercy johnson ramsey noah etc...#bitchplease

  2. slept in his friends gateman house..why didnt he just sleep in the parlour or something?

  3. bullshit!!!!....sean tizzle was born with a fucking silver spoon. all this one na propaganda

  4. i dont know..i dont like seeing this guy. just reminds me too much of davido but thank God for his life

  5. apparently there is no nigerian entertainer who was born with a silver spoon..hmmm


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