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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

"I Am Not Bleaching My Skin, I Only Apply Cocoa Butter"- Yvonne Nelson Cries Out

Ghanaian actress Yvonne Nelson has been forced to respond to rumours that she has been bleaching her skin…The rumours, fueled by her ever lightening skin complexion, has been ongoing for nearly a year. But the mention of her name by a US website, Atlanta Blackstar, as one of 15 black celebrities believed to be whitening their skin, moved Miss Nelson to give a response.
In a statement released this morning, the Ghanaian actress is alleged to have claimed that though her skin complexion has lightened over the years, it has absolutely nothing to do with skin bleaching. Read what she said below: 

“My present skin tone is as a result of the constant use of the famous Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter.
About 3 years ago, I was fortunate enough to secure a deal to be the ‘Face of Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter’ and as part of the contract, I was given a lifetime supply of the body cream. I have therefore been using this cream exclusively for 3 years, so what you see now is the result of the goodness of Queen Elizabeth. It has simply enhanced my natural complexion rather than bleach it.”

Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter, which is the official moisturiser of the British monarch, after whom the product is named, is rich in akomfem oil, which is believed to have given Miss Yvonne Nelson this caramel skin colour. It also contains vitamins A, E and F, which are essential for nourishment and moisturising without leaving the skin greasy.

Apostle Safo, a brand ambassador of Queen Elizabeth Cocoa Butter, has also jumped to Miss Nelson’s defence saying, “my caramel skin complexion like that of Yvonne, is as a result of the use of Queen Elizabeth, it has absolutely nothing to do with bleaching. Hopefully people will believe us and allow this matter to be laid to rest.”

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  1. woow!.the difference is clear but i dont think its bleaching. her skin tone looks even

  2. cocoa butter does wonders to the skin once used well. i believe yvonne nelson

  3. haters goina hate mehn. yvonne do your thing

  4. rubbish!..shes bleaching
    cocoa butter only makes ur skin glow, not make it lighter
    abeg yvonne talk true

  5. queen elizabeth cocoa butter is amazing. a friend of mine uses it and its the same effect. yvonne isnt bleaching

  6. bleaching or not, her skin looks really good! either her bleachin cream is really good or its that queen elizabeth cream is really good


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