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Monday, 6 January 2014

Creative or offensive?-This Burger Photo Was Banned For Degrading & Sexualising Women

A 'degrading' advertisement depicting a beef patty sandwiched between a woman's buttocks has been banned in Australia.The ad featured a bikini-clad woman lying on a beach with a burger made up between her bottom cheeks with the slogan “the freshest fun between the buns”.

On social media the ad campaign was labelled by many as “revolting and offensive”.and there were complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau which also banned it
“The ASB Board considered that the image is sexualised and the close-up image of the woman’s bottom and the portrayal of her bottom as a burger likened the woman to a piece of meat or object for consumption and objectified women,”
Goodtime Burgers argued that

“The image is not found to be highly detailed and therefore the lettuce burger patty may be lodged in the woman’s buttocks, however, is not “lodged in a woman’s private part” nor does this objectify the woman’s parts can be consumed like a burger.The woman’s gender was not at the fore of the advertisement, as the woman faced away from the camera and “the image could easily have been of a male. The rear end is used to emulate the same shape of a burger bun and not used as a means to either objectify or vilify women,In response to the ruling the company said it would not be using the advertisement again, but said it had received support that the ad was not offensive.

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  1. But it's photoshopped na. Whats the fuss?

  2. Disgusting!!!.Choi too nasty. Abeg next

  3. Its only people with nasty thoughts who will notice. I didn't either

    1. shut the fuck up!. saint mary..mtceeeww gerrout


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