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Monday, 6 January 2014

Basketmouth Sparks Outrage With His "Rape" Joke

In a country where majority of rape cases go unreported & unpunished, a country where under aged girls are sexually assaulted on a daily basis, it’s sad to see an entertainer of Basketmouth’s caliber who is also the father of a little girl make a tasteless & unfunny joke about rape.

Yesterday the celebrated & award winning comedian posted a joke on his Facebook page which pretty much endorsed rape. The joke was an attempt to distinguish the difference between dating a white girl & an African girl.

He has apologised for the insenstive joke but the deed had already been done.  The joke went viral & reactions have poured in with many calling for his contract with Glo to be terminated.

This isn’t Basketmouth’s first ‘’ joke. On Valentine’s Day 2012 at the African Kings of Comedy show in Manchester’s The Birdcage nightclub, he made another sick joke about grandmothers wanting to get ra.ped by armed robbers

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  1. basketmouth you no try o

  2. In dz joke basketmouth indirectly said wat he do to girls.#ahia onye ma anya ya ka o na azu#

  3. Abi o! Naija peops sha. Dem never scream about BH. Na ordinary joke dem go dey flex muscle upon. All of them are gbongbolo cigar.

  4. Outspoken about senseless things, abi? Ode oshi.

  5. Abeg kini big deal How can I be spending my hard earned money and one woman will tell me no. She dey mad? Basketmouth is not a rapist abeg make u guys chill Nah every ting you must make noise about

    1. you are a big fool.And it’s unfortunate that many nigerian men have the same jacked up mentality like you. If you are looking to spend money for s*x, why don’t you pick up a prostitute? Idiot…Maybe if your mother is raped you will have a rethink of what you just wrote!!!Blood


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