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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Aliko Dangote Shuns Nigerians On Twitter??

Barely 48 hours ago, Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote joined the popular micro blogging site, Twitter and the businessman already has over 29, 277 followers (as at 11:31am today).

He shared his first tweet at exactly 12am on the ist of January, wishing his followers a happy new year and offering his first advice.

Almost all the Nigerian celebrities and who-is-who in Nigeria including presidential aides, ministers etc, are following him on twitter but he's not following any of them back! As a matter of fact he is not even following any Nigerian....some are already speculating he's being arrogant...what do you think?

Check out the 7 peeps he is following below:

1. Bill Gates

2. Gordon and Sarah Brown

3. Jack Welch

4. Jeff Immelt

5. Kofi Annan

6. World Economic Forum

7. Dangote Group

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  1. Lol. Money! Money!! Money!!!.....Dats wat dey av in common ooooo. *birds of the same feather flock together*

  2. Business moguls follow business moguls, like minds attract each other.

  3. I believe there is something called class! I can't blame him though. He's free to follow who pleases him.

  4. marcus.T. jackson2 January 2014 at 21:50

    I would have been surprised to see him following any Nigerian. Besides he doesn't run the handle, he has a twitter expert handling d handle and account.

  5. Yawns. Dangote has d right 2 follow who ever he want 2 follow. He did not beg others 2 follow him so it der. Choice. So Dangote I will say ride on

  6. Was thinking he tweeted something negative about Nigerians, hisses, misleading headline, rolls eyes

  7. Ppl shouldn't expect him to be on twitter 24/7, he probably has more important things to do than checking for followers every 5mins and following back


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