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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

VIDEO: Watch Harrison Okene's Miraculous Rescue After 3 Days Under Water

On May 26 this year, Harrison Okene(picture above) was a cook on Chevron ship which capsized off the coast of Warri killing all on board the Chevron boat…except him!

He survived 60 hours underwater on nothing but a few sips of coke and faith, as he held on for dear life in a tiny air pocket while he listened to the sharks feeding on the bodies of his dead crew members.

29 year old Okene drew the attention of the divers when, by chance, he saw the light of a torch piercing the waters which were gradually rising around him. The South African divers had been sent in to recover the bodies of those on board the ship, they were not expecting to find anyone alive.

Looking very scared, weak & disoriented, Harrison was given an oxygen mask and a diver’s suit by the rescue team and taken back to the surface 60 hours after his boat capsized. The cook spent another 60 hours in a decompression chamber, where his body pressure was returned to normal. If he had been exposed immediately to normal surface pressure, he would have died.

Video footage has now surfaced of the miraculous moment he was rescued, watch it below...

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