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Sunday, 22 December 2013

PHOTOS: Checkout Some Strippers Who Made Rappers Fall In Love- Amber Rose,Blac Chyna,Maliah Michel

Tyga & Blac Chyna

Gone are those days when you had to be a good girl to get a good man.These days more black men are going for the "Bad girls" and turning them into steady girlfriend's. Kanye/Amber /Kim K perfect example of men who love bad girls.Wiz Kalifa fell for Amber Rose and she has transformed into a respectable girl.

Rapper Tyga fell inlove with popular stripper Black Chyna after he saw her doing what she does best,stripping. .They are engaged and have a son together Just like Amber she has turned out to be a respectable girl and goes on double dates with Kim and Kanye..This is proof that even the most wild ladies change when they encounter true love..
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 Peharps the most perfect stripper/musician relationship is Wiz and Amber.They are a match made for eachother.Wiz was dating a video vixen Natalie Nunn who appeared in Olu Mantain's Naughty video when she spotted Amber Rose and that was it
Kanye made it dope to date a stripper and we sure loved their union

Tyga black chyna and son

 Forget Rihanna, in 2009 when Drake had his breakthrough,he encountered stripper Maliah Michel and fell so deep for her that he wrote songs about her.Despite his love for Riri, he keeps going back to his stripper ex and most of his heartbreak songs are rumoured to be about her..
 Eve and Lady Gaga started out as strippers aswell...
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