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Monday, 16 December 2013

Jesse Jagz Heading To Rehab For Substance Abuse?

Theres no doubt Jesse Jagz has changed tremendously since his departure from Chocolate City. NigeriaFilmDotCom has claimed that they got reliable information that he is battling with alleged intake of drugs (to be Specific Marijuana). It was rumored Jesse Jagz left Chocolate City because he was tilting towards supporting the use of marijuana in his music videos, which is against the policy of the respected label NigeriaFilmDotCom reported.” Going by what we were told, Jesse Jagz is currently fighting hard to reduce his intake of the banned substance. This reporter reliably learnt from industry sources that the rapper might take an option of a rehab to reduce his marijuana intake. “

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  1. let him go please. let him not die

  2. he looks sick.he needs help

  3. its a lie. weed cannot kill a person. at the same time it shoudnt be addictive

  4. j jagz should be free mehn. hes made the best music of his career cus of weed. that shit inspires

  5. Weed cannot kill a person. It might be true, but the person using it can kill anyone. It can even destroy you completely as a person. He needs to be a Weed Rehab Man to solve thsi problem.


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