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Friday, 29 November 2013

After Spending N150m On Their Traditional Wedding, Peter And Lola Okoye Grant An Interview

According to Encomium magazine, Peter and Lola Okoye's traditional wedding cost N150milion, from event venue to drinks and entertainment..The two granted their first interview as a married couple a fewdays ago. In the interview, the two desribed each other, explaining why the fell in love.Read the excerpts below:

Congratulations on your wedding to the mother of your children, Lola.
Thank you very much.
How does it feel now that you finally married her?
It feels great. I wouldn’t have felt better. To God be the glory.
How would you describe the joy of the day?
It was awesome, great, spectacular.
Lola, how does it feel settling down with the man that means the world to you?
It’s a good feeling. I’m happy about it.
Peter, how would you describe your wife?
Honestly, she is a wonderful woman. She has virtually all the qualities that every man would want in his ideal woman. She’s caring, loving, God-fearing, hard working – just name it, that’s my wife for you.
What are the sterling qualities that endeared her to your heart?
I just said that now. No man will not want to spend the rest of his life with a woman that possesses the qualities I mentioned.
Why was the wedding delayed till now despite having all it takes to be a husband?
The truth is that we have always known that the wedding will come up. We just didn’t want to rush things unnecessarily. We waited for the right time.
Entertainers are not used to keeping one woman, how is your own case going to be different?
Entertainers don’t keep one woman? I don’t think so.
Is there any iota of truth in the tale that your family didn’t support the wedding?
That is very far from being the truth. I saw some of those reports and was full of laughter. Everybody is just laughing because the reports are like comedy to us. Honestly, there is no iota of truth in the rumour. But it’s one of the prices you pay as a celebrity, so I remain focused.
Lola, how would you describe him?
Peter is a very loving, caring and romantic guy. He’s somebody who likes to see smiles on the faces of everybody around him, and most important, he’s a go-getter. He has the spirit and drive of a winner in everything he does.
How are you prepared to cope with the challenges of marrying an entertainer of his calibre?
We have been together for many years, so, that’s nothing to worry about really. He definitely knows how to strike a balance between his celebrity life and family.
Your relationship with Peter has been blessed with two kids already, how many more do you intend to have?
Only God knows.
Would you say you are fulfilled now that you’re married to Peter?
I have always been fulfilled with him because we have always known that a time like this will come. We only needed to take our time and we thank God for bringing us this far.
What was your reaction the day he proposed to you?
I reacted the way any other lady in my shoes would react. I was full of excitement.
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  1. congats to them...they dont really seem like they in love tho...maybe its just d interview

  2. What? 150m for trad wedding. see me thinking 30m for tiwa's own was plenty.. what will happen for white wedding...hmmmm

  3. his wife is real pretty. after 2 kids she still looks that hot..damn

  4. if his family approved the weddin, why did jude miss it??...they are lying jare. Igbo and youba dont mix


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