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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Kemi Olonoyo Responds To The People Who Encouraged Her To Commit Suicide

Yesterday , the very controversial Kemi Olunloyo wrote "FUCK president Jonathan.If he wins in 2015, I'm committing suicide "
She expected fans to say"Please we love you,don't commit suicide" Instead they told her different ways to do it and acheive faster results.Rat poison,jump over a bridge etc lol...So she aired her annoyance and says she has closed down her FB fan page
115 Nigerians wished me SUICIDE! It was a shock that our ppl play with such a thing when I cracked a joke that I will commit suicide if Jonathan wins 2015. Not only did they not look at the bigger pic that he will win b4 I kill myself, they all had different ways for me to do it and wished it so bad.
 Say no to suicide. It is not a joke
.#RIP to all we lost in the struggle.
My fan page is now closed PERMANENTLY.

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