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Saturday, 7 September 2013

How I (Peter Okhiria) Was Involved and Survived A Fatal Car Crash

I experienced one of the scariest moments in my life yesterday[friday Sept 06] when I was involved in a fatal car crash.
The photos above are of my car after the incident. Its kinda scary seeing this photo again and knowing i was in it could have died in there.

I was on the road around Ajah market around 5am. It was pitch black and raining heavily but I still drove with all confidence because I had been doing it all summer.

While on the road, I encountered a huge truck carring sand(tipper). The truck was to the right of the two lane road. As a cautious driver, I tried to overtake the truck so I switched to the left lane to begin my acceleration so I could overtake it.

After I turned to the left to overtake, I horned constantly to alert the truck driver of my presence beside him. I horned in the hopes that the driver would know that i was to his left so as to avoid an accident.

To my surprise, the truck driver did the exact opposite of what I wanted: the truck driver turned his truck to the left(my lane) and into my lane. Out of man's natural reflex action, I also turned my car to the left to avoid an accident but unknowingly to me that I was avoiding an accident only to get into one.

The second I swiftly turned my car to the left, I heard a very loud bang and before I knew it, the airbag on the steering hit my face hard. It felt like I was punched by Mike Tyson. Immediately the airbag hit my face, I was disorientated, dazed and generally confused. I was knocked into unconsciousness for about five seconds.

When I raised my head up and gained little consciousness, I literally could hear my heart beats. It was beating like 3 or 4 times its normal rate.

Anyways, when I raised my head up and I saw smoke and was smelling a gas. Immediately, I thought an explosion was about to happen and that terrified me. To make matters worse , I saw a light heading toward me fast and it immediately clicked to me that my car had changed angles and was now facing coming traffic. I was sooooooo scared because the first thing I saw was a very bright light coming to me a a high speed. I knew the lights were coming from another truck because I could hear its loud and distinct horn

Still dazed and confused and with the truck still coming at me, I summoned my energy and unhooked my seat belt. I unhooked it successfully, leaving only the last challenge: Opening the door and getting out of the car before the truck rammed it.

It was still pitch black inside my car and the truck lights were entering into my eye, making it difficult to get out of the car as I could not find the handle. With my instinct, I located the door handle and jumped out of the car to avoid further danger.

To my surprise, the truck which I feared was going to end my life came to a dead stop right in front of my car but I didn't really care about that at that time because I knew I was out of danger. It was then I realized the impact of the accident on my car and the traffic I was causing.

Apparently just before the accident, as I swerved my car to the left to avoid the truck, I crashed into a Julius Berger building block and the impact had forced my car to change its angle and block the entire road

With all the constant horning and my state of confusion and disorientation,I tried to figure out what I would do. It clicked to me to call my parents to tell them what had happened but to do that it meant I had to enter the dark car filled with smoke and possibly about to explode. I hesitated at first but with the adrenalin rushing through my blood, I rushed into the car to find my phones so I could call someone.

I found my phones and got out immediately and called my parents but because it was around 5am, they were still sleeping and couldn't answer the phone. In my state of confusion I took a second to know exactly where I was.

I noticed I was right opposite my house and with my parents not answering, I ran home as fast as I could to alert them. I ran without fatigue and got home. I woke my parents up and took them to the crash scene and immediately I could see the shock on my face: not because of the damage on the car but the fact that I survived an accident of this magnitude. I myself was so surprised

We pushed the destroyed car off the road and immediately I was rushed to the hospital to get a medical check up to know if I had any internal injuries.

To my surprise and to the surprise of my family and even the doctor, apart from the shock and trauma I went through, I was fine. No physical injuries atol

In fact all I came out with after the gruesome accident as a bruise to my right knuckles and my left knee cap

This my survival was nothing short of a miracle from God above. I know he was watching and protecting me.

I am putting this testimony on my blog to share in my joy. I have learnt to appreciate and value life more

I am still in shock right now and am currently under various medication to supress my physical and psychological trauma. I am feeling better and I hope to make a full recovery as soon as possible

I thank all my friends for showing care through their calls and messages. But in the end, all thanks goes to God for keeping me alive to fulfil my destiny.

I will try keep blogging as i get better, in the mean time, I ask for your prayers.

Thank you very much. Oh yea the car never exploded or even caught fire. The gas in the car accident was as a result of the deployment of the air bags.

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