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Monday, 23 September 2013

Dana Airline Almost Crashes Again?...Read What A Passenger Witness During The Flight

A Dana Air flight 356 from Abuja to Lagos landed miraculously at 7:30pm at MM2 airport Lagos yesterday after its right engine was lost mid air 30 minutes to Lagos, says a passenger who claims to have witnessed the whole incident.
Luckily for the passengers, the solo engine was able to manage a safe landing unlike the IJU Dana Plane which lost both engines and crashed on June 3rd 2012, killing all 153 passengers and crew. The witness who insisted to remain anonymous narrated the incident.

Read what he said below...
"To avoid the wrath of we vigilant passengers who obviously saw the loss of the right turbine at the back of the plane, we were told to disembark from the rear of the cabin preventing contact with the cockpit to avoid further embarrassment for their callous concern over human lives. The fasten seat belt sign was on for almost the whole duration of the flight with refusal to allow us ease ourselves. The ascent was laborious and the altitude was way below normal. The right engine was making a grunting noise and then about 25 minutes into the flight it stopped completely. The engine turbine was static and only the left engine turbine was used to fly and land the plane in Lagos. Thank God it did not fail like the ill fated Dana crash were the pilot lost the second engine after deliberately flying with only one engine from Abuja. " 
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